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Our Principles

We operate according to a code of ethics guided by a set of principles during all market conditions to remain honorable and trustworthy.

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Our Services

Our mission is to deliver customized services that address your unique, comprehensive financial needs.

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Our Vision

At Guidant Wealth Advisors we take the long-term view of your financial needs. We’ll hold meetings and conversations with you on regular intervals, so that we so we can best serve you as your priorities and goals evolve.

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Financial Planning

Financial planning is at the very core of the services we provide to individuals and families seeking to build, preserve and manage wealth over time. Retirement income planning, education planning, tax and estate planning, and risk management services are components of a larger, more comprehensive fee-based financial plan designed to achieve multiple financial and lifestyle goals.

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Retirement Planning

We start early to plan your retirement income needs, desires and expenses, with an eye toward maintaining lifestyle choices and priorities, and ensuring that long-term aspirations for travel, healthcare, charitable giving and other goals are funded.

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Investment Portfolio Management

Our asset management strategy alleviates the need to focus on day-to-day market performance and concentrates instead on the performance of investment portfolios relative to your unique goals. We will monitor, update and apprise you of portfolio performance and new opportunities as they arise.

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Survivorship Program

At Guidant Wealth Advisors we understand what a difficult period the loss of a spouse can be. We developed our Survivorship Program to remove the burden of estate settlement tasks, and the associated paperwork and bill paying, allowing you much needed time to begin coping with your loss.

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"Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now."

-Alan Lakein

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