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Survivorship Program

The death of a spouse or parent marks one of life’s most difficult and stressful periods. It’s an emotional time when energy must be focused on the grieving process and helping other family members cope, leaving little time to attend to financial paperwork and bills.

At Guidant Wealth Advisors we have developed our Survivorship Program to remove the burden of estate settlement tasks, allowing you much needed time to begin coping with your loss.

As your trusted advisors we can assist with:

  • Beneficiary designation verification(s)
  • Insurance policies
  • Re-titling of assets
  • Evaluation of sale of real estate property strategies
  • Structuring tuition payments

Guidant makes it easy for you to receive assistance with tasks and duties on a temporary or full-time basis to help ensure your financial life continues to move smoothly, and you and your dependents remain well cared for and financially secure.

Our advisors will collect all documents and correspondence from you including monthly bills, insurance information and the many other forms and documents that may come your way. We will help you sort through your mail and begin the process of assisting you with promptly replying to and processing estate matters, keeping you informed along the way.

These are additional services to consider when speaking to your attorney, tax advisor, realtor, or other specialized advisor. We do not offer all of these services directly, but can assist with providing a referral.